Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Quick tips for must have foods after delivery

It's important to take care of your diet in pregnancy, but post-pregnancy diet is also very important for mom's recovery and baby's nutrition. Here are the super foods a mom must have during 3 months after delivery-

  1. Milk - for calcium, can't be ignored as breast feeding sucks calcium out of your body
  2. Almonds, walnuts - for healthy fats and milk production
  3. Raisins - for iron 
  4. Lemon - for Vitamin C
  5. Lots of water - to keep you hydrated during demanding breast feeding sessions
  6. Carbs - cereals to give you energy
  7. Eggs - to repair damaged and sore muscles which went through the rigors of delivery
  8. Fruits - to add vitamins and fibers

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