Saturday, January 25, 2014

Food review : Chicken teriyaki subway

Hi folks! So it is blog revival time after many many months and I wanted to put this review online.

I had Subway Chicken Teriyaki today with Diet Coke. And I found it disappointing. The teriyaki sauce tasted awful and was strangely sweet. Only saving grace was the veggies and southwest-mint sauce combination added on. The chicken bits were totally nightmarish and looked and tasted stale.

Subway people, if you are listening, be informed that it is the worst variety ever of Subway and you guys can do away with it!! I am writing this review by confirming with one of my friends who had the same experience with this chicken teriyaki subway. I would choose Veggie Delight over it any day or even grilled chicken breast! To make it worse, teriyaki is costlier than the other subs!!

One of my suggestions to Subway -- try serving grilled chicken with greens. It will be a hit!!

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